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About Us

At Macaw Marketing we want to see your business fly!

We love connecting you with your audience.

You know those times you get lost on Facebook? Well your customers are just the same! Through social media advertising we can target your ideal customer and get your message in front the right person at the right time.

We knowing running a business can be hard - let us save you the stress of social so you can concentrate on what you love.

Our Values

  • Honesty

    No hidden agenda - if you have a question we’ll answer it truthfully

  • Innovation

    We just love finding new and improved ways to do things!

  • Positivity

    We’re glass half full people!

  • Personal

    Every account and every penny spent is treated as if it is our own

  • Dependable

    You can rely on us to get the best results for your business!

Jodie Hayward

Our Founder

JODIE HAYWARD aka the Digital Fixer began Macaw Marketing after seeing so many businesses struggling with their social media presence and realising she could make a real difference.

As a natural leader, Jodie has a thirst for knowledge that means she is always first to embrace the next digital trend while competitors are still trying to understand the last one.

“Jodie’s knowledge of the social landscape is exceptional. She’s always my first port of call for advice, if I don’t know the answer I can guarantee she does.”
Bethan Howe, Media and Communications Consultant, Digital Beth

“I have worked with Jodie across a few projects now and she is without a doubt one of the most accomplished social media professionals that I have had the pleasure of working with”

Pamela Badham

Director, Four PR & Marketing

Experts in our field

Come and meet our team! Each one as unique as us, you’ll see that we have a diverse range of skills and expertise with some quirkiness too!


Maninder Kaur

Maninder Kaur

Maninder is a Facebook Ads Strategist specialising in tech marketing. As an avid runner, she believes that running a business and running a 5k require equal diligence, passion and copious amounts of protein shakes 🏃‍♀️


Emma Challinor

Emma Challinor

Emma is a Facebook ads Specialist & Social Media Consultant with a passion for E-Commerce who likes her eyeliner as strong as her coffee ☕


Suzanne Allison

Suzanne Allison

Suzanne is a E-Commerce Ads and social media specialist. She has a love of all things shiny and has a very creative flair 💎


Katie Cooper

Katie Cooper

Katie is a Facebook Ads Strategist who thrives on helping businesses evolve & level-up! She also loves exercising & chickens - that's looking after them, not exercising them 😜


Kirsty Lawrence

Kirsty Lawrence

Kirsty is a Facebook Ads and Social Media Strategist who gets results. The perfect mix of musician and data geek, she will develop you a pipeline of your ideal clients 🎵


Charlotte Atkinson

Charlotte Atkinson

Charlotte is a self-confessed Facebook Ad nerd with a passion for data. When she's not tinkering with Facebook she loves jetting between the UK & her home city of beautiful Barcelona ✈️


Rose Taylor-Brown

Rose Taylor-Brown

Rose is a Facebook ad specialist with a passion for e-commerce funnels to drive sales for businesses of all sizes, and also loves a good music festival! 🎸

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